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Chicago's Single Parents

A place to feel accepted

Chicago's Single Parents Support Group
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Single Parent support group in Chicago, Illinoia
Chicago's Single Parents was started by two friends who met on chance in a coffee shop in Chicago. Being a single parent can be difficult, especailly in today's economy, and sometimes you feel alone and scared. CSP was created for the sole purpose of meeting other single parents in the area, share ideas and just get comfort in knowing that you're not the only person to feel the way you do.

There are both weekly in building meetings and always people to chat with online. Here at CSP we try to make all parents feel like they have friends in the other members. Online chat groups happen throughout the week so there will be plenty of opportunities to make fast and lasting friends in this big city.

1. No god-playing/god-moding. Period. It’s not tolerated here. If you have any questions on this, please refer to the mod.

2 Listen to mod. She is a decent, understanding person. She wants to role-play (RP) just as much as the rest of you do (and maybe a little more), so listen to her when she makes posts and whatnot. She doesn’t do it for fun; she makes posts for a reason.

3. Het is allowed. This community DOES allow female characters, and is Het friendly; however, remember there will be some people that are not. Let's all act respectful and get along.

4. Update journals every two weeks. The mod will be checking this, so please do it. You are allowed to update as often as wanted and are encouraged to do so, however it is a minimum that it is updated every two weeks. If you wait to update every two weeks ONLY, you will be required to give a lengthy entry, letting myself and others know just what you have been doing for the past fourteen days. This should not be hard if you are actually playing your character. Song Lyrics, one-sentence entries, or ones that are simply, “Oh, my life sucks, I’m emo, gonna die now” are not acceptable for an entry after the two-week period. If you want to post lyrics in your journal, fine, however please post something of some substance either WITH it or in another entry. Entries of only lyrics will NOT COUNT as your update for the time period. Mods will not notify you when you are close. If you have something come up in real life, with you personally, please talk to the mod. She is not unreasonable. She understands that we all have lives outside of this. However there are other communities that require a lot more than this one and people are able to keep up. She just needs you guys to step it up and participate.

5. Please be online. It is always frustrating when there are players who come on once a week. It makes it difficult to have any story line with those characters. Please get on AIM as often as possible.

6. Add everyone. There is a Friends Add Console in the main community. Once accepted, please make sure to join the community and then add all the members. Credit goes to Trohman-shaped for our Friends Add Console. Please make sure you add and accept all players in the game.

7. LiveJournal and Aim: Each character will need a separate LiveJournal and AIM account, no exceptions. The names should have something to do with your character. All group role-playing in this community will be done via AIM. If you are interested in other forms of RP for private scenes, (ie: thread ) you may. However, pelase make sure both players are agreed upon it. There is no need to post logs. Large group chats will not be done in thread unless previously approved by mod. AIM chatrooms are your friend! Use them! Any questions, please ask the mod. Just to show you read this, please put "The River is Green" in the subject line of your application.

8. Keep Out of Character chat (OOC) out of your role-playing. If you have an issue with someone in the community or you feel they are taking OOC opinions or issues and bringing them In Character (IC), then please let a mod know. That will not be tolerated. If you need to talk OOC to someone, please make sure you use some signifier - such as [. {. (. -, [[, {{, ((, -- to signal to the other player that this is not part of the IC talk.

9. RP styles: This is free reign. If you prefer asterisk RP to storybook, or vice-versa, it’s fine; the same goes for third-person and first-person style, or any other style you decide to adapt. Just make sure the people you are playing with are alright with the form you are using.

10. Chats! There will be a group chat once or twice a week - and we will treat it just like a chat room. It gives characters a chance to interact with one another. Please try to be online for these. We understand things come up and people aren’t always able to participate, but try. Have fun. Enjoy it. It’s fun!

11. Addressing pregnancy and marriages: Any engagement/marriage needs to be brought to a mod for approval before it is played out. There is an application form in the main community you need to fill out with specifics and then the mod will let you know if it is approved. As for pregnancies, these must also be run past a mod and the proper application must be filled out. Players must be in the comm for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to applying for either of these storylines.

12. Please do not play with other characters if you are invisible. This makes it impossible for anyone to see if you are on. We do not want cliques here. Play with everyone. The mod assumes if you take on a character you are mature enough to know that good role play consists of interaction between several characters to develop your own, not just one or two. If a mod finds out you are playing while invisible, then you will be given a warning.

13. Please do not put up away messages and continue to play with people. It makes for avoidance and that is not what this community is about. If you are away, then you are away. Most players are not going to message someone if they are away. Interact with everyone, create story lines with them. Everyone here is nice, and we are all looking to role play with everyone else. Keep that tradition going.

14. Any intense storyline needs to be run past the mod. There is not an application to fill out for that, however you do need to speak to a mod just to let her know what is going on.

15. To reiterate the rule on god-playing/god-moding: please, everyone - if you want to play out a major storyline with someone, whether it be in present time or in the back story, PLEASE ask the other player before going ahead and creating it. It takes a simple OOC discussion. Not only is this common courtesy, it is also following the first rule of the community - NO GODMODDING! Creating a history for someone without their consent is not acceptable. To show you read the rest of this, please add "Lets go for a swim" to your subject line.

**Mods reserve the right to deny any application with justification and can remove any player at any time for not following the rules.**

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